Not The Same EP

by Riot Shield

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released October 3, 2016

Written by Riot Shield
Recorded at Threshold Studios
Album art by Caleb Ledley



all rights reserved


Riot Shield Terre Haute, Indiana

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Track Name: Prologue
You’re just not the same
I’m just filled with sin
I’m left here insane
You’re left there with him
Track Name: ROOTS
Apathy is lethal
You’re letting moss grow
You’re covered in resentment
About how life tends to go
I don’t see you making an effort
To better anything
Try getting off your ass
To see what life can bring

This place has stayed the same
It’s your heart that has changed
This place has stayed the same
I’m not promising better days
You bitch this town’s gone to shit
I don’t see you trying to fix it
You bitch that you’re drowning
I don’t see you trying to swim

Pessimism is lethal
You’re down on yourself
Hating how you’ve been treated
Not looking at the wealth
Of friendships around you
They blossom and they bloom
You ignore and let them wither
And hope that spring comes back soon

You can say you hate the Midwest
But I’ll call you on a lie
We’ve planted hearts in this soil
We’ll watch them grow or die
And even if we branch out
We’re planted underneath this sky
Our hearts are in Indiana
No matter where we lie

I’ve seen men deny
Where they’re from
No higher form of blasphemy
It’ll burn your tongue
No worse form of shame
I’m ashamed of what you’ve done
We don’t need you here
Just remember where you’re from
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
Once again until the end
We sit around and do the trend
Waiting for the bitter end
This the life we chose for us
Society makes such a fuss
But they are the ones we cannot trust

Mirror, mirror that reads our thoughts
Thoughts that we cannot trust
Mirror, mirror that shows our lies
Lies that have destroyed our lives
Mirror, mirror that sees our pain
Pain that flows through our veins
Mirror, mirror that reads our thoughts
Thoughts that we cannot trust

Turn the world upside-down
If they just gave us the crown
Could we turn our lives around?
Putting us through twists and binds
But we have to stay with the times
That people see as a crime

We live on a thin line
When the truth would be so divine
Because we live in a constant high
Making deals just to get by
Don’t tell us we’re out of line
Because we’ll be doing this until the end of time
Track Name: Helpless
It’s gonna be another long night
And I just can’t get away
Still have a lot of bridges to burn
That I deal with every day
Life’s a bitch
It always has been
But they said keep it strong
Well now they’re gone
And I gotta move on
I’m not afraid to prove them wrong

So let’s light up the world tonight and say goodbye to all
And let’s rise our heads up high in hope you’ll save our souls
And if you hear my voice, you’ll have to hear
My angst filled heart
And I can’t hear anything
I’m getting lost
I’m helpless

It’s gonna be another long night
And I just can’t fucking get away

Picking and scratching
I’m over-reacting
I just keep running
But the darkness is forming
Truth is meaningless
But the thoughts are relentless
My mind is senseless
We were once so fearless
Track Name: You're Not Tyler Durden (Just An Asshole)
I remember in the sixth grade
Staying up late and video games
I remember high school
How girls suck and punk rock was cool
I forget when you left here
Was it lack of love or fear?
I forget when you left here
Where you ever really here in the first place?

Packed up, and moved down south
Without so much as, hey man I’ll see you around
Packed up and left this place
You left an empty space
Never return a phone call
No remorse at all
Never said goodbye
Did you even try?
Now I’m left thinking, hey man you let me down

Do you remember starting college?
Couldn’t believe we reached that age
You had a need to fit in
Did anything for campus fame
Did you forget your own name?
You just weren’t the same kid
Forgot to had your back
Turned it on us and packed
Forgot where you’re from
Did it scare you?
Why did you run?

A wet cigarette in the morning
It reminds me I’m still morning
The friends that left, and that I lost to death
Do you regret anything at all?
‘Cause I thought you’d call
I thought you’d remember it all
I thought you’d call, but my phones not ringing
I guess you forgot it all
Track Name: Epilogue
You’re just not the same
Should’ve known you were insane
Now you’re all alone
But I’m stronger on my own

Things just aren’t the same
Not the same
You just lost your home
I’m stronger on my own

I am not the same
All you left was pain
You left me alone
But I’m stronger on my own